Travel-Focused Recovery Coaching & Concierge

Recover Hospitality's IATA Certified Travel Agency

Acknowledging the difficulties of traveling while in recovery from substance use addiction, Recover Hospitality offers a first-of-its-kind service combining addiction recovery coaching and travel agent services. Offered in the form of a monthly membership, the services are designed to provide a more enjoyable and supportive travel experience for both leisure & business travel.

Travel Agent Concierge

A certified travel agent (CTA) will help research and book hotels, restaurants and activities that are wellness-focused, in order to provide a fun & supportive travel experience. Click here to see a sample travel itinerary.

Recovery Coaching

Both video/voice coaching calls and text-based support are available during travel dates, which includes traveling to/from your destination. Recover Hospitality utilizes trained coaches who also have experience traveling in recovery. Each day of travel booked includes a 20-minute call with your coach and additional support through text message.

Optional Accountability Measures

If desired, your coach can provide increased accountability through remote substance testing tools, such as pocket-sized breathalyzers & saliva drug tests. Accountability measures can be scheduled at particular times (ex. before/after air travel) or randomly. Membership includes a premium subscription to the DynamiCare Health smartphone application: a $150 value

(substance testing equipment sold separately).


Program is based on each individual's travel schedule and is flexible month-by-month. Introductory pricing starts at $250/month and includes unlimited travel agent services and coaching support for a 2-night stay. Extra coaching supported travel nights can be added on for an additional fee dependent on length of stay.


Receive discounts on Recover Hospitality Experience stays at partnered hotel & resort properties and be the first to know about upcoming products, services and partnerships. Join our growing community of wellness & recovery-focused travelers and have an impact on making travel & dining environments more accessible for individuals struggling with mental health.