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Consulting Services for Sober Homes

The team at Recover Hospitality has experience as sober home residents and operators. We know the important part recovery housing plays in the treatment continuum. What is lacking is often a way to collect and share client data in a secure manner. Whether peer-led or clinically staffed, Recover Hospitality offers a comprehensive solution to improve outcomes via increased communication and accountability.

Recover Hospitality works with sober home staff to implement a comprehensive solution to data management, which also enables external communication to better involve a resident's clinical support team.  True to Recover Hospitality's mission, we also supply cost-effective tools to increase accountability.

Secure & HIPAA-Compliant 
Digital Care Program
for Monitoring Sober Home Residents

Securing Information sharing with support team
Remote Substance Testing 
Attendance Reminding/Verification 
Self-Guided Therapy Modules
Evidence-Based, Automated Rewards

Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 8.03.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 8.33.53 PM.png

Resident-Facing Smartphone Application

Residents enter their recovery schedules to help maintain routine and accountability
GPS verification for appointments
Available CBT lessons and recurring surveys to access member mood and progress

Substance Testing for Accountability:
Alcohol & Drug Testing + Med Compliance

Residents record selfie-videos based on scheduled, random or on-demand testing
Compliant with police-grade breathalyzer
9-Panel saliva tests monitor drug use (stimulant, benzo, THC, opioid) and medication adherence for buprenorphine and methadone

Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 9.04.27 PM.png
Financial Analyst

Financial Rewards & Contingency Management

Family members can deposit money into a resident's online account, which is distributed upon completion of recovery tasks
SMART debit card blocks access to cash withdrawals, liquor stores, bars, etc.

Sober Living Testimonials

DynamiCare has proved to be an instrumental tool for our sober living. The remote testing capabilities have been extremely helpful in reducing incidence of use for our clients on overnights. The remote testing has proved to be accurate and easy to use for clients and staff alike. Alex at Recover Hospitality made the setup and on-boarding process easy for our whole team. He was super accessible and knowledgeable for any troubleshooting we needed.

-Ryan (sober living operations director)

DynamiCare has become an invaluable resource to our sober living community. The substance testing provides accountability, privacy, and an easy user experience for our clients whether they are at home with us or traveling outside the community. The DynamiCare platform provides our staff with an uncomplicated tool that saves us time by storing multiple clients' information in one easily accessible, secure location. Alex got us up and running in no time by walking us through the initial setup, providing us with informative tutorials, and figuring out how DynamiCare could be most effective for our day-to-day needs. He's also made himself readily available to us for troubleshooting help whenever we have run into any kind of issue. Thank you!

-Dave (sober living overnight manager & one-on-one recovery coach)

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