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Restaurant Review: Zo Greek (Somerville, MA)

Greek Cuisine in Assembly Square, Go for LUNCH

Situated on the outskirts of Assembly Square, in Somerville, adjacent to "Fit Row," is Zo Greek. While the food was very good, the interior of the venue is not supportive of an individual who may find it stressful to be surrounded by alcohol. The restaurant is mostly bar, with a few high top tables and a small separate area that looks like it was designed for fast-casual dining. Zo Greek has a bustling to-go business and appears to focus its employee budget staffing the kitchen versus front-of-house. During the dinner service, there was only one server, who was also the bartender. The bar area was full; however, all patrons were having dinner (making for a more supportive environment in terms of clientele).

The food was very good. I would definitely recommend starting with either the octopus meze and/or the caramelized fig & goat cheese dip! It's hard to go wrong with the "original" pork gyro for a main course (or if you're looking for a solid lunch option). Due to only having one server, the service was mediocre; however, the food came out quickly, once we ordered. There was also no pressure to order anything alcoholic. And while there were zero interesting non-alcoholic beverages on the drink list, there are a variety of great tasting Greek sodas available off-menu. Once I asked about what was in the cooler located next to the take-out area, the server had great suggestions for his favorite flavor of Greek soda. I had the blood orange, which I would recommend!

One of the best aspects of Zo Greek is its location. It is adjacent to "Fit Row," which houses most of the workout options for Assembly Square residents. These include: Orange Theory, Title Boxing, Cycle Bar, and others! Click here to learn more about Fit Row. While I would definitely recommend Zo Boston, in Assembly Square for lunch, after a good workout class, it would not be my first choice for dinner service. When you're finished with your meal, be sure to check out the variety of authentic Greek snacks by the to-go area!

Meal: Dinner, Weekday
Dining Area: bar area
Price: $$

Overall Score: 3.4/5

December 2022

Learn more about Zo Boston

Supportive Service: 3/5

Venue & Crowd*: 3/5

Non-Alcoholic Offerings: 2/5

Food Quality & Value: 5/5

Restaurant Location*: 4/5

Individuals struggling with mental health concerns, especially those in substance use recovery, are often hesitant to dine-out and travel due to the often tempting and unsupportive environment of many restaurants and hotels. Recover Hospitality helps individuals locate supportive and fun dining environments by conducting recovery-focused reviews. Celebrating venues' efforts and opportunities to improve by assessing: service, atmosphere, beverage offerings, food quality, value, and location. Wellness-focused travel agent services are also available for clients interested in both leisure and corporate travel. To learn more about Recover Hospitality Travel Services, visit our website.

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*note: the clientele and elements of a restaurant's location often vary by season and day of the week, which may lead to a change in rating outside of the restaurant's control.

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