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Restaurant Review: Smith & Wollensky, Atlantic Wharf (Boston, MA.)

Corporate steakhouse on the Boston wharf

Smith & Wollensky corporate (a different entity than the NYC location) has their flagship restaurant boarding Boston's financial district and located steps from South Station. While the neighborhood is calm on the weekends, the restaurant attracts a boisterous after-work crowd. The weekday clientele can be triggering for some, especially those who used to have the post work drink (or 3 or 4) as part of their routine. It's possible to avoid the drinking scene by requesting a table away from the bar. While the food is excellent (especially the coffee & cocoa-rubbed filet mignon), the service can also add to the tempting atmosphere. With no mocktail in sight, the sizable drink menu takes up the entire reverse side of the food menu. Be aware the host is likely to place the menu drink side up. Fortunately, after turning during down the iPad wine list and verifying I won't be having any alcohol, I still experienced an excellent level of service. Despite the tempting atmosphere and clientele, Smith & Wollensky Atlantic Wharf is one of my favorite Boston steakhouses, especially in the summer when their amazing outdoor patio is open.

Meal: Dinner, Weekday
Dining Area: Main Dining Room
Price: $$$$

Overall Score: 3.3/5

January 2022

Learn more about Smith & Wollensky, Atlantic Wharf.

Supportive Service: 3.5/5

Venue & Crowd*: 3/5

Non-Alcoholic Offerings: 2/5

Food Quality & Value: 5/5

Restaurant Location*: 4/5

Individuals struggling with mental health concerns, especially those in substance use recovery, are often hesitant to dine-out and travel due to the often tempting and unsupportive environment of many restaurants and hotels. Recover Hospitality helps individuals locate supportive and fun dining environments by conducting recovery-focused reviews. Celebrating venues' efforts and opportunities to improve by assessing: service, atmosphere, beverage offerings, food quality, value, and location.

Recover Hospitality also offers consulting services designed for restaurants and hotels interested in offering an environment attractive to the recovery community and others focused on health & wellness.

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*note: the clientele and elements of a restaurant's location often vary by season and day of the week, which may lead to a change in rating outside of the restaurant's control.

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