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Restaurant Review: Shore (Sarasota, FL)

Vibrant restaurant on popular St. Armands Circle with focus on outdoor dining

Located on beautiful St. Armands Circle, Shore is positioned just prior to the busy section which makes the location less triggering than many other restaurants in the area. If you arrive a little early, you can take advantage of Shore’s apparel store located on the first floor. Doing a little shopping is also a nice way to make use of the time it takes to be seated, as the busy restaurant often seats guests a few minutes past the reservation time. Shore has a seafood focus and does a good job bringing the feeling of outdoor dining to most of the restaurant’s seating areas. The bar is located along the wall in the center of the restaurant, and is not a focal point. While the non-alcoholic beverage selection could use some extra attention, there are some basic options. The service is friendly and not rushed, which is welcome in a busy vacation destination. Food meets expectations for an upscale restaurant. I always recommend starting with the kung pow calamari, which is large enough for an entree. I dine at Shore a number of times each year and will continue to return!

Meal: Dinner, Weekend
Dining Area: Back Dining Room
Price: $$$$

Overall Score: 4/5

March 2022

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Supportive Service: 4/5

Venue & Crowd*: 3.5/5

Non-Alcoholic Offerings: 3/5

Food Quality & Value: 5/5

Restaurant Location*: 4/5

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*note: the clientele and elements of a restaurant's location often vary by season and day of the week, which may lead to a change in rating outside of the restaurant's control.

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