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Restaurant Review: Cafe Adam (Berkshires, MA)

A Farm-to-Table Staple in the Berkshires

Tucked away next to antique stores halfway between Stockbridge village and downtown Great Barrington is Cafe Adam. For over 15 years, this restaurant has supplied it patrons with high quality cuisine: locally sourced. It's menu changes seasonally and there are always nightly specials that reflect the freshest ingredients available. While the bar is the first thing a guest encounters when entering the restaurant, it is not the focal point of the venue and the dining area has a separate feel. For those looking for outdoor dining, there are a few tables available as well. This is one restaurant where I prefer to sit at the tables in the bar area, where the environment is lively, but not triggering (provided you don't mind being close to a fully-stocked bar). Even in the bar area, the noise level is such that it's easy to have a conversation. Almost everyone coming to Cafe Adam is having dinner and many locals prefer to sit at the bar, in order to chat with Jesse: a local bartender who has been crafting speciality cocktails for well over a decade. Jesse's creativity extends to non-alcoholic options; however, I tend to ask him to make me something spicy, as the options on the beverage menu are fairly simple. While the N/A beer selection could use some attention, there are non-alcoholic wines available. The food is always fantastic and I usually recommend the tuna, if it's on the menu...especially if it's a special! There are also many excellent vegetarian menu items.

Meal: Dinner, Weekend
Dining Area: Bar Area Tables
Price: $$$

Overall Score: 4.5/5

April 2022

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Supportive Service: 4.5/5

Venue & Crowd*: 4/5

Non-Alcoholic Offerings: 4/5

Food Quality & Value: 5/5

Restaurant Location*: 5/5

Individuals struggling with mental health concerns, especially those in substance use recovery, are often hesitant to dine-out and travel due to the often tempting and unsupportive environment of many restaurants and hotels. Recover Hospitality helps individuals locate supportive and fun dining environments by conducting recovery-focused reviews. Celebrating venues' efforts and opportunities to improve by assessing: service, atmosphere, beverage offerings, food quality, value, and location.

Recover Hospitality also offers consulting services designed for restaurants and hotels interested in offering an environment attractive to the recovery community and others focused on health & wellness.

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*note: the clientele and elements of a restaurant's location often vary by season and day of the week, which may lead to a change in rating outside of the restaurant's control.

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