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Restaurant Review: Bar 'Cino (Brookline, MA)

Upscale yet informal restaurant with quality Italian-focused cuisine and supportive service

Bar ‘Cino is an upscale employee-owned restaurant, with Italian-focused cuisine and informal atmosphere. Located within walking distance of Fenway Park, the restaurant is in the more residential neighborhood of Brookline. While the bar is at the center restaurant, there are several dining areas where the bar scene isn’t distracting. As most bar patrons were eating full meals, even the bar atmosphere doesn’t appear too triggering. The non-alcoholic beverage menu was impressive, with options both interesting and reasonably priced. I tried (and would recommend) both the spicy pal-NO-ma and the Athletic Brewing Co IPA. The food and service were excellent and the knowledgeable server made great recommendations. My entree was the duck ragout pasta, which is a must try! I’m looking forward to returning to Bar ‘Cino to sample the other dishes on the menu.

Meal: Dinner, Weekday
Dining Area: Dining Room
Price: $$$

Overall Score: 4.5/5

March 2022

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Supportive Service: 4.5/5

Venue & Crowd*: 4/5

Non-Alcoholic Offerings: 4.5/5

Food Quality & Value: 5/5

Restaurant Location*: 4/5

Individuals struggling with mental health concerns, especially those in substance use recovery, are often hesitant to dine-out and travel due to the often tempting and unsupportive environment of many restaurants and hotels. Recover Hospitality helps individuals locate supportive and fun dining environments by conducting recovery-focused reviews. Celebrating venues' efforts and opportunities to improve by assessing: service, atmosphere, beverage offerings, food quality, value, and location.

Recover Hospitality also offers consulting services designed for restaurants and hotels interested in offering an environment attractive to the recovery community and others focused on health & wellness.

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*note: the clientele and elements of a restaurant's location often vary by season and day of the week, which may lead to a change in rating outside of the restaurant's control.

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