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Partnerships with Mental Health Organizations

Enabling Supportive Travel for the Clients of Partnered Mental Health Organizations

(private practice clinicians, outpatient programs, treatment networks, case management organizations, and sober living)

RH Travel provides discounted travel agent services and other benefits to the clients and employees of partnered mental health organizations who also have access to the DynamiCare Health remote substance testing platform through Recover Hospitality.

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Travel Agency Preferred Status

  • Min Travel Days Waiver: RH Travel waives minimum travel requirements for mental health organizations in its network

  • Savings on Full Travel Concierge: For clients who already have coaching, RH Travel also waives the coaching add-on requirement with the full travel concierge option.

  • Complimentary Hotel-Only Bookings for Staff: the partnered organization's staff enjoy free hotel-only reservations through RH Travel, still having the ability to take advantage of travel perks.

  • Discounts: access to discounted hotel rates at select properties

Support Group

Travel-Specific Relapse Prevention Group

Partnered organizations have access to a travel-specific relapse prevention group, is facilitated by RH Travel staff. The group focused on the research behind why travel is stressful when in addiction recovery and how building resilience can result in a lower likelihood of relapse. Travel tips are reviewed for interacting with hotels, restaurants and the travel experience. The presentation is followed by an engaging group discussion with the option to add an additional travel relapse planning workshop.

  • A complimentary group per year is offerred to partnered organizations ($250 value).

  • Group lasts between 1 hour and 1.5 hours, depending on whether workshop is added.

  • Remotely facilitated

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DynamiCare Health:

Access to a HIPAA-Compliant Digital Care Program for Client Accountability

  • Remote Substance Testing for Alcohol and Prescribed & Illicit Drugs

  • Attendance Reminding & Verification 

  • Self-Guided CBT Modules

  • Securing Information sharing with support team

  • Contingency Management Capability

Connected Golden Spheres

Inclusion in Referral Network

All partnered mental health organizations are included in RH Travel & Recover Hospitality's referral network for when clients are in search of additional support for themselves or loved ones.

Sober Living Testimonials

DynamiCare has proved to be an instrumental tool for our sober living. The remote testing capabilities have been extremely helpful in reducing incidence of use for our clients on overnights. The remote testing has proved to be accurate and easy to use for clients and staff alike. Alex at Recover Hospitality made the setup and on-boarding process easy for our whole team. He was super accessible and knowledgeable for any troubleshooting we needed.

-Ryan (sober living operations director)

DynamiCare has become an invaluable resource to our sober living community. The substance testing provides accountability, privacy, and an easy user experience for our clients whether they are at home with us or traveling outside the community. The DynamiCare platform provides our staff with an uncomplicated tool that saves us time by storing multiple clients' information in one easily accessible, secure location. Alex got us up and running in no time by walking us through the initial setup, providing us with informative tutorials, and figuring out how DynamiCare could be most effective for our day-to-day needs. He's also made himself readily available to us for troubleshooting help whenever we have run into any kind of issue. Thank you!

-Dave (sober living overnight manager & one-on-one recovery coach)

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