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Consulting Services for Restaurants & Hotels

With an estimated 10% of the American adult population in recovery and another 10% actively struggling with substance use, it is increasingly important all businesses create a healthy environment for both their clients and employees. Recover Hospitality is here to help with consulting services specifically designed for hotels, restaurants, and related businesses where approximately 17% of industry employees suffer from a substance use disorder.

The team at Recover Hospitality has both corporate and independent experience working in rural and metropolitan markets. Consulting services are applicable for all hospitality industry businesses, including: hotels, restaurants, spas, museums, theaters, and more


Comprehensive Operation Review

A member of our team will review a hospitality operation (hotel, restaurant, spa, theater, etc.) from the perspective of a person in recovery. Each customer touch-point will be accessed and a report given to highlight both positive and negative experiences. Areas of concern include: booking & pre-arrival communication, check-in & check-out experience, room environment, staff interactions, amenities, dining experience & menu options, surrounding environment, and availability of local support services.

Only after completing a comprehensive operation review, can a hotel property be approved to offer a Recover Hospitality Experience.

Taking Orders

Staff Trainings

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and not ordered an alcoholic beverage; and received a disappointed look from the waitstaff, which made you rethink that decision? Staff members are the heart and soul of the hospitality industry. At Recover Hospitality, we train your team members regarding the importance of providing a supportive environment to those in recovery. In doing so, we aim to reduce relapse rates while increasing the amount of patrons visiting partnered businesses.

Only after completing a staff training, can a hotel property be approved to offer a Recover Hospitality Experience.

Sitting in the Stairwell

Resources for Employees

At Recover Hospitality, we make connections between the recovery community and hospitality businesses. These connections can offer real support resources to hotel and restaurant employees who are struggling with substance use and other mental health concerns.

Wedding Music Selection

Event Consultations

An increasing amount of weddings, family functions and corporate events are attended by individuals in recovery. Many people hesitate to attend functions away from home, due to increased temptations, lack of support and decreased accountability. Recover Hospitality provides consulting services for events, to help ensure all in attendance have an enjoyable experience.

Our Partners

Businesses who partner with Recover Hospitality to help build a network of hotels, restaurants and other travel and hospitality-related environments supportive of mental health & wellness.

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