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About Us

Supporting Travelers in Recovery by Restoring Connection in Hospitality

In the age of contactless service, Recover Hospitality is here to restore connection, by providing support and increased accountability for those who love to travel and are focused on mental health & wellness. Founded by people in addiction recovery, our mission is to give our clients the freedom to live their best lives and provide their loved ones peace-of-mind. By using local knowledge of wellness resources and the recovery community, we build individualized plans to help maintain our clients' healthy routines away from home.

We currently operate in the beautiful Berkshire hills, located in Western Massachusetts; and offer packages through hotels committed to offering a supportive environment. In addition to, consulting services for corporate & leisure events, we also assist hotels and restaurants aiming to offer a more supportive environment for both guests and staff.

Why Book with Recover Hospitality
(Our Services)

Recover Hospitality connects travelers with wellness resources in specific destinations and identifies hotels committed to providing guests a lodging (and dining) environment with reduced stressors. Whether you're an athlete training for a competition, a couple on a baby-moon, or an individual in addiction recovery traveling for business or with family, there are numerous wellness-related reasons to book a Recover Hospitality Experience. The following are some of the services included in Recover Hospitality Experience standard & premium packages. All packages are subject to availability and hospitality services agreement.

If you travel often or to destinations where Recover Hospitality Experiences are not yet available, our Travel Coaching & Concierge Membership may be a good fit for you. Click here to find out more.

Wellness Concierge

Standard Benefit

An integral part of the Recover Hospitality Experience is access to our Wellness Concierge service. A member of our team connects with each guest before their trip to gather travel preferences and book any on-site reservations. To help guests find hidden gems and supportive environments, the concierge is also available during the stay for off-property recommendations: dining, theatre, live music, yoga, massage, hiking, golf, winter sports, etc.

Supportive Hotel Environment

Standard Benefit

The team at Recover Hospitality works directly with the management at each partnered property to ensure clients experience an environment supportive to their wellness and recovery. Many rooms include recovery-focused literature and are situated away from hotel bars. If desired, mini-bars can be locked and in-house restaurants notified not to present cocktail menus. Additionally, Recover Hospitality works with food & beverage teams to develop non-alcoholic beverage options and to adhere to guests' dietary restrictions.

Tele-Health Coaching Support

Premium Benefit

Through booking a Recover Hospitality Experience, clients have access to a trained recovery coach, via text messaging and video/voice calls, to support their trip. Coaches are available during clients' stays and also while traveling to and from the hotel.

Personalized Travel Itinerary

Premium Benefit

A member of our experienced travel concierge team will connect with our clients prior to the each trip and design a personalized itinerary, which includes activities designed to mirror the client's regular routine. Activities may include: various types of support group meetings, restaurant reservations, massage, hikes, yoga, and other mindfulness practices. Some activities come at additional cost. For a sample itinerary, click here.

Accountability Tools

Premium Benefit

Recover Hospitality is proud to partner with DynamiCare Health, a HIPAA-compliant smartphone application, to provide clients with secure options for increased accountability. Tools include discrete BAC monitoring*  (scheduled, random, or on-demand), appointment scheduling & verification, and access to a family accountability portal. Clients will also have access to DynamiCare's daily noontime support group, which is hosted over Zoom.

*breathalyzer device must be purchased separately.

Our Partners

Businesses who partner with Recover Hospitality to help build a network of hotels, restaurants and other travel and hospitality-related environments supportive of mental health & wellness.

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"The Opposite of Addiction is Human Connection."

Johann Hari

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