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Recover Hospitality FAQ

Does someone have to be in recovery to book a Recover Hospitality Experience lodging package?

No, you don't have to be in recovery, as our lodging packages are meant for anyone looking for a travel experience that is less alcohol focused. Anyone can book a Recover Hospitality Experience provided they're not actively engaged in addictive behavior.

I'm not in recovery from alcohol, will the hotel's restaurant stop me from drinking?

No. A Recover Hospitality Experience is only designed to offer a more supportive lodging & dining environment. The hotel & restaurant staff will not stop a guest from consuming alcohol.

What is a Recover Hospitality Wellness Concierge?

A wellness concierge is an individual with in-depth knowledge of the community where you will be traveling. The knowledge base includes what local restaurants and activity vendors offer environments supportive of mental health & wellness.

Will the staff at the hotel know my recovery status?

No. When booking a Recover Hospitality Experience, your wellness concierge will be your point of contact with the hotel and any on-site restaurants. The staff at our partnered hotels have been trained on how best to provide a more supportive environment regardless of why a guest chooses to book a Recover Hospitality Experience.

What is a Recover Hospitality Wellness Coach?

Wellness coaches are individuals with lived experience struggling with mental health & wellness. Recover Hospitality wellness coaches are either certified peer support professionals or have over a year of direct coaching experience. Our coaching team is local to your destination area and able to recommend support groups based on guest preferences. Coaches will work with the concierge to design a personalized recovery-focused travel itinerary (click here to see a sample).

What certifications do Recover Hospitality Wellness Coaches hold?

Wellness coaches hold either state-specific or nationally recognized professional peer support credentials. Credentialing agencies include, but are not limited to: the National Association of Drug & Alcohol Abuse Counselors (NAADAC), the Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery (CCAR), the Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Services (BSAS), etc.

What are digital accountability tools?

If digital accountability tools are included in your lodging package, it references access to a premium DynamiCare Health (DCH) membership for the duration of the trip. The DCH program provides remote witnessed breathalyzer monitoring through a bluetooth linked BACtrack breathalyzer, which must be purchased separately. Also part of the DCH platform is GPS verification of wellness appointments and recovery-centered educational lessons. All tools are accessible via a smartphone application, which is available for both iOS and Android smartphone operating systems.

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