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Recover Hospitality Event Consultation

Whether focused on recovery or wellness, Recover Hospitality can help your next function be more enjoyable for the entire party. It may just be one person who doesn't drink in attendance or an entire wedding party in recovery, our event team will help make your function a success!

Recover Hospitality consulting services are currently only available in Berkshire County, Massachusetts.


Enable more of your friends and loved ones to feel comfortable attending your wedding. Recover Hospitality can offer support packages, arrange group wellness packages, or simply supply a list of recommended local support resources.

Family Celebrations

Family events, such as birthdays, reunions, and holiday parties are times to celebrate and connect with loved ones. The team at Recover Hospitality knows these events can also be a time of increased stress and anxiety for those in recovery. Our services are available to provide third-party support to help make the event a success for all attending!

Corporate Events & Retreats

Whether your next corporate event in a week-long retreat or a one day conference, make it more enjoyable for the entire team by incorporating group wellness activities and taking the focus off of excessive consumption. Increase cohesion and productivity through Recover Hospitality's corporate event consultation services.

Sober Companion Services

For individuals requiring extra support, Recover Hospitality can arrange in-person sober companionship with an experienced recovery coach.

Party Time!
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