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About Recover Hospitality

Restoring Connection in Hospitality

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, many who have struggled with mental health issues found themselves cut off from community and increasing isolated. Recover Hospitality was founded under the guiding principal: the opposite of addiction is human connection. We strive to provide support and increase accountability for those in recovery who love to travel by building connection and community, which has become evermore critical in the wake of the pandemic. 

Founded by people in recovery, our mission is to develop a network of venues providing an environment conducive to recovery. In turn, we hope our partnered properties and supportive services give travelers the freedom to live their best lives and provide their loved ones peace-of-mind. By using local knowledge of wellness resources and the recovery community, we build individualized plans to help maintain our clients' healthy routines away from home.

Recover Hospitality presents unique travel experiences through partnered hotels committed to offering a supportive environment to guests. While our team is based primarily in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, our diverse knowledge of the hospitality industry positions Recover Hospitality to consult for businesses in all markets. Whether in an urban or rural market, both independent and corporate properties can benefit from Recover Hospitality consulting services.

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